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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 12, 2014, 2:54 PM
So, you missed one or more of the individual issues of the amazing all-ages adventure mini-series Spaced Out that I wrote and my good friend Ramon Salas illustrated? Never fear, the Graphic Novel is here!  Dun-duh-duh-dunnn!

Spaced Out Collected Edition Graphic Novel - $17.99

Written By: Brent Sprecher
Art By: Ramon Salas
Size: Standard
Pages: 96
Color: Full Color
Copyright ©: Darren G. Davis. All Rights Reserved.

Blast off for adventure with the world’s first/worst Astrochimp, Bops, as he finds himself transported to the distant planet Centroa.  With the aid of his diminutive cohort Max and an outcast Scrounger named Sh’A La, Bops struggles to recover his missing spaceship and return home, even as the agents of the evil Overlord Jardu Krush close in around him. All-ages action-comedy.

Spaced Out Cover GN-N FINAL B by SALAS by BrentJS


RETROSTAR - Cy-Dat Enforcer #4 by BrentJS
RETROSTAR - Cy-Dat Enforcer #4
I created this artwork for Spectrum Games' new retro-70s sci-fi role-playing game RETROSTAR.  This is Cy-Dat Enforcer #4, one of a series of mechanical automatons created by the Skylark Imperium for enforcing Imperial dictums and eradicating irritants.

In keeping with the theme of the game, the claw arm is a sleeve apparatus that the actor would wear over his arm on the TV show.  The gun is a simplified Tesla ball, a relatively easy-to-manufacture item that would look futuristic to most '70s audiences.

RETROSTAR - iDo7 Robot by BrentJS
RETROSTAR - iDo7 Robot
I created this artwork for Spectrum Games' new retro-70s sci-fi role-playing game RETROSTAR. This is "iDo7," the seventh model in the "iDo" personal robot assistant series. Other than saying their catchphrase, "I do," before completing a task, models in this series do not speak. Instead, they communicate with their owners and with other robots via the multi-colored display in the grill of the "mouth" of the robot, as well as with whirs and whistles.

The instruction I was given was to make a "trash can" robot that would have been affordable to constuct and maintain on a '70s TV show budget so that's why he looks more than a little like a vacuum cleaner with car headlights.

iDo7 Promo by BrentJS 
RETROSTAR - Sofia Stardust by BrentJS
RETROSTAR - Sofia Stardust

I created this artwork for Spectrum Games' new retro-70s sci-fi role-playing game RETROSTAR. This piece features my foxy "Capable Heroine," Sofia Stardust, sans rollerskates, and will be the cover of Spectrum's "Lightspeed Adventure Manual."

From Spectrum:

The "Lightspeed Adventure Manual" will offer a stripped-down, but fully playable, version of the Retrostar rules! In addition, you'll get a ready-to-play series..., complete with setting information, pre-generated characters and a full episode to kick off your adventures with!

The series is called Rōgun. In this setting, earth has been ravaged, her resources depleted. Noble warriors defend a mobile, solar-powered fortress, traveling from town to town. These rollerskating samouri stand against the Warriors of the Night and cybornetic Scroungers. This is Rōgun.

The Lightspeed Adventure Manual will be made available at DriveThru RPG later this month! Your gateway to 1970s-era sci-fi television roleplaying is almost here. The full Retrostar rulebook (which will feature a foreword by Battlestar Galactica's Richard Hatch) will be available in the first half of 2015.

10848648 10153101911197018 6284818272024491524 O by BrentJS

RETROSTAR - K.A.R.R.I.O.N. Robots by BrentJS
This is a chapter illustration for Spectrum Games' new retro-70s sci-fi role-playing game RETROSTAR.

These two K.A.R.R.I.O.N. robot goons were inspired by Stormtroopers, Cylons, Iron Man, Maximilian from "Black Hole," and Necron 99 from my favorite Bakshi movie, "Wizards."

Like Stormtroopers and Cylons, the K.A.R.R.I.O.N. costume is simply a fabricated suit of plastic armor over a black bodysuit worn by an actor or actress. The front chest plate displays the mode the robot is operating in using ‘70s analog clock radio font. In this case, the robots are set to "KILL." Of course, they will never be able to hit their targets, let alone kill them...

For the environment, I chose a dark and dusty one to mimic the common practice of shooting robots and creatures in low light and/or fog to obscure the crude construction of the costumes, e.g. Imperious Leader's throne chamber, Mos Eisley Cantina.

Three to Infinity - Cartwright Action Figure Ad by BrentJS
Three to Infinity - Cartwright Action Figure Ad
This was a really fun little side project between my brother, Al, and myself that grew out of my enthusiasm for the character of Capt. Cartwright that I created for Spectrum Games' RETROSTAR RPG (for which I'm still currently designing artwork). The idea behind RETROSTAR is an RPG based on '70s sci-fi TV shows and so we thought it would be cool to make a custom action figure of Capt. Cartwright modeled after the action figures of the era.  Al did the sculpting and painting and I did the figure photography and designed the ad.  We shared it with the publisher of RETROSTAR and she loved it so much that she's running it as a promo for the game so I thought I would share it here, as well.

Here's the RETROSTAR RPG cover I created.


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