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Lightweight: Beyond now on sale!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 10, 2016, 9:34 PM
The third book in Nicholas Ahlhelm's exciting superhero novel series is now on sale in both paperback and digital form! I developed the character design of Kevin Mathis, AKA Lightweight, and provided the cover for this and previous editions.

Here's the synopsis:

Kevin Mathis thought he was sacrificing his own life as the heroic Lightweight. But instead of dying, he found himself transported to the world of Nill. Now trapped on an alien world, he must wind his way through scavengers, alien warriors, political turmoil and an evil warlord that wants him dead! Even with the allies he makes on this new world, Lightweight might never make it back to Earth.
But even as he struggles to survive, back home he has allies searching to find the missing hero. Millicent Bryant wants nothing more than to find her lost friend, as she refuses to believe Lightweight died. But even with the help of another man inside the Lightweight costume, she may not be able to stop an old threat from wreaking chaos in Federation!
                LIGHTWEIGHT #3 Cover for Metahuman Press by BrentJS

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